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2022 Office Refurbishment Trends

Most offices have been affected by COVID-19 and the shift to working from home. With a lot of work forces changing to a hybrid way of working, it has become apparent that the way offices have been designed, set up, and utilised no longer suits this new approach to engaging with the professional world.
Traditionally, offices have had very static, one-purpose use areas that do not allow for the flexibility that may now be required with the introduction of hybrid working. It is important to organise the office in a way that encourages productivity for those coming in to work, if only for a few days a week.
So if you are looking to refurbish your office, whether that be an update in décor or a complete redesign, here are some of the trends for office design in 2022 you may want to consider.


Resimercial interior design has been around for a while, but given the shift in working methods caused by the pandemic, it’s more important than ever. It consists of a mix of residential and commercial design aspects to create a more comfortable, but still professional, setting.

This entails including soft seating areas with pillows and throws, as well as living-room decorations such as rugs, plants, coffee tables, and photo frames. It can also be achieved by including a sense of warmth with natural wooden aspects to the room, including the flooring.

Collaborative Spaces

Despite the fact that most businesses typically only have some type of independent workspace for employees, it has become increasingly evident that employees are more productive when they can collaborate and brainstorm ideas together. This is why many offices have open floor plans that encourage employees to interact with one another as a team. Collaboration encourages enhanced productivity and creativity, resulting in a more positive work environment.

As collaboration can be critical to a company’s success, it makes sense to set aside areas for creative brainstorming sessions. This can be as simple as adding a portable or hung whiteboard, but there are lots of other possibilities on the market.


Although the collaborative spaces mentioned above are a great addition to any office it is important to recognise that many people have become accustomed to the privacy that they were afforded when they were working from home through lockdown. So it would be beneficial to offer a mix between the two.

Having more private aspects in a workspace could look something like:
– Having lockers to keep personal belongings safe in a hot desking situation
– Having separate rooms or booths for more private zoom or telephone conversations


To avoid the cliché of a drab corporate office, enhancing natural light and including plants can help elevate employees’ mood and productivity. Even fake plants have been known to have a profound effect on overall wellbeing and do not require any maintenance.

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