an image of glass internal partitions in a modern office setting

5 Different Types of Office Partitioning

Office partitioning can be a great way to revitalise and repurpose your professional space. But, with so many different options to choose from, how can you be sure you are making the best decision for the space that you have and what you wish to achieve? We here at Wessex Interiors explore in the blog below five different types of office partitioning and how they can be best utilised.

1) Steel Partitioning

Steel partitioning is available in both double and single skin that can come in a variety of heights and colours. It is a more economical choice that is faster to install than other options available so causes less disruption. It is most suitable for spaces such as industrial clean rooms and can be used to create multiple spaces separate from a larger, more open area. This is both a durable and functional choice for office partitioning.

2) Glazed Partitioning

Glass partitioning can be used to differentiate distinct areas within a room without the need for extensive building work. It can be a cheap alternative to having walls knocked down or built up and due to its transparent nature can maintain the levels of natural light. It would be a great addition for any office or other corporate areas.

3) Stud and Track Partitioning

For the construction of thin, non-load bearing partitions, stud and track systems are perfect. The majority of stud and track dividers can be used in a range of residential, business, and industrial settings. These are substantially lighter and simpler to build than conventional brick and timber partitions, and they are available in a variety of heights and thicknesses to fulfil the precise needs for your interior requirements.

4) Jumbo Stud Partitioning

Built on the same principle as stud and track but designed for greater heights, for example to divide up a warehouse. Jumbo stud partitioning is a kind that’s very strong and durable and more secure than your average partition.

5) Relocatable Partitioning

This system is quick and easy to install and allows you to create distinct new areas as and when your requirements change. This type of partitioning offers a flexibility not found with other choices which makes it suitable for spaces that may need to be divided up differently as the situation evolves with layouts only being temporary.

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