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Becoming an Environmentally-Friendly Office

On the whole, we are all getting more environmentally conscious – and for good reason. This is always important for companies to keep in mind because there are many ways in which we can improve and help to reduce our impact, and for companies, it can be easy to make a large impact by making small changes.

Here at Wessex Interiors Limited, we are office interior experts, so we use our experience to guide you through changes to make to improve your environmental consciousness.

Recycling Programme

A lot of improving the environmental consciousness of your business is setting mindful programmes and processes in place – implementing the infrastructure to allow your employees to make a difference more easily.

By setting up a recycling programme, you can help to educate and encourage your employees to make better decisions with the products/packaging they use and to dispose of what they do have to use responsibly.

Conserve Energy

Energy is something we use a lot of, especially as businesses, and to reduce the amount we use in most disciplines will be a positive change. Changes like turning lights and electrical equipment off when they’re not in use as much as possible is a great, conscious step to take.

Again, by communicating a strict policy on conserving energy, you make things clearer and easier for your employees – making it more likely they’ll follow.

Reduce Plastics

As with anything, as mentioned, by reducing what you consume and use, you are usually helping to also reduce your environmental impact. One of the key examples of this is plastic. By reducing, rather than recycling, where possible, you can save materials and prevent non-sustainable materials finding their way into landfill.

Things like plastic water bottles, coffee cup lids, straws, eating utensils can all be replaced with more environmentally-friendly alternatives to help make a big difference. By using reusable alternatives that can be washed or things that are made from recycled materials, your company’s environmental impact will be reduced.


In the current landscape, it has never been easier to go paperless and save vital materials from ever needing to be used. By going paperless as a business, you can also help to streamline your office processes and make a more collaborative environment for your staff while also becoming more environmentally friendly.

Encourage Sustainable Transport

A big contributor to your carbon footprint as a company is, passively, from how your employees get to work. Many companies put schemes in place that encourage sustainable transport for their employees to help reduce this.

Whether it’s a cycle to work scheme and sufficient places to park bicycles, or even discounts on public transport season tickets, there are many ways you can reduce the number of cars that are needed to get your employees to work.

Two-Fold Benefits

While these may seem like small changes, if you can implement them across your company they will begin to add up and help reduce your overall environmental impact. It might even begin to work as a USP for your business as people become more passionate about climate change and slowing it down, drawing in employees and partnerships

There are further methods that you might also want to look into, as well. More passive steps like working solely with green vendors (where applicable) might help to make you more environmentally friendly as a company through something you usually can’t control.

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