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Features of Suspended Ceilings

Features of Suspended Ceilings

A suspended ceiling is an installation that has been adapted for, perhaps, countless buildings across the country – let alone the world – so it can be difficult to pin down a specific definition for what one is. There are, however, some specific features and characteristics that make suspended ceilings what they are. Some of these are dictated by nature, and some as a result of regulation.

Here at Wessex Interiors Limited, we are suspended ceiling specialists and have had plenty of experience designing and installing them. We utilise this experience to provide you with an insight into our blog post below.

Fire Protection

One of the most important aspects of the suspended ceiling is their protection from fire, which can be especially important in busy office settings, for example. Suspended ceilings generally provide from 30 minutes to 60 minutes of fire protection but you should check with the company you choose to purchase yours from what they adhere to.

Suspended/Self Supporting

As the name suggests, suspended ceilings are characterised by their suspended nature and ability to self-support. This can be done in a variety of ways with there being different mechanisms available from different suppliers, so look for the one that best works for you and your requirements. Some allow for easy and more consistent access to the internal workings hid by the ceiling with their mechanism, for example.

Easy Installation

You will generally find that suspended ceilings allow for a quick and easy installation. This is perfect for office settings and other commercial buildings that require quick turnaround – especially when a refurbishment is taking place.

Recessed Light Fittings

One of the key features of suspended ceilings is that they hide the internal workings of a building. This, therefore, means that recessed light fittings are most commonly found in suspended ceilings to hide the wiring and electrics and keep the appearance clean and clear.


Soundproofing is essential in a bustling environment with vast areas of open space, such is the most common home for a suspended ceiling. The nature of some of the materials used for suspended ceilings means they can be great insulators of sound and will help to reduce echo.

Thermal Insulation

Another convenient yet considered feature of suspended ceilings is that they can provide some thermal insulation, depending on the tiles you choose, which goes hand in hand with the soundproofing. This is a great benefit for a business who has to consider every expense as this may help keep their energy bill down.

Easily Discernible Characteristics

So, even though suspended ceilings will change in their setting and their design, as well as much more, there are some base characteristics that you can easily recognise them with. This is yet another simple showcase of their benefits for business and consolidates why so many business owners and commercial designers swear by them.

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