an image of glass internal partitions in a modern office setting

How Internal Partitions Improve Office Acoustics

With the evolution of the way offices are being designed – moving away from cubicles and designated offices to open-plan settings – acoustics have become an issue for a lot of companies as they find their workplace becoming too noisy. Luckily, internal office partitions help to reduce the background noise of offices and break up the space, whilst still maintaining a collaborative and fluid working environment.

Here at Wessex Interiors, we specialise in office interior design, which often includes office partitioning for a variety of different benefits. Below, we discuss how these internal office partitions can help to improve the acoustics of your space.

Improving Productivity

As aforementioned, the installation of internal partitions provides an array of benefits that can vastly improve the working environment of your employees. One of the challenges of offices that have been designed with collaboration in mind is that this can be unsettling and distracting. However, with partitions absorbing the sound by reducing the distance sound waves travel, this issue is vastly reduced and productivity is consequently increased as employees are not unsettled by large amounts of noise and disruption.

How This Works

Essentially, partitions provide structure to absorb sound waves travelling through space. However, in the case of modern, open-plan settings, the materials used in an office – such as wood and concrete – allow sound waves to ‘bounce’ around the room, causing an echo not doing anything to take in the sound, which is what makes these internal partitions so useful.

Office partitions are usually made of specially-designed, acoustic glass or fabric material that has a texture and padding that ‘catches’ the sound, preventing it travelling farther than necessary and improving the acoustics of your office space.

Universally Applicable

In essence, office partitioning can be a great addition to a workplace and help to improve the working conditions of your employees. There is also a lot of choice on the market that can accommodate all requirements, whether you need modular and partial installations or permanent, full partitions.

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