an image of a modern office interior with a large window and conference table

How Modern Office Interior Design Improves Productivity

A vital factor for consideration when relocating or refurbishing an office space is the effect a space has on the productivity of employees. Mental health, creativity, productivity and overall job satisfaction can be strongly improved through changes in an office interior. In fact, a recent study shows that well-designed, modern office interior spaces could improve productivity by up to 20%.


Even simply rearranging furniture with intention can improve the flow of an interior. Modern office interiors also often utilise communal spaces to encourage engagement among employees, which allows for collaboration and can build a stronger, more connected team through interactions. Moreover, by implementing partitions instead of walls, a space can feel less claustrophobic and offer the modularity to constitute change.

It is important to strike a balance between opening up a room to give the impression of more space, yet offering areas for privacy and moments to oneself. Varying the aim of spaces to accommodate a variety of moments and personalities is important. Flexibility is the key to comfortability, and thanks to modern technology, employees are able to move around large spaces and still communicate in real time.

Natural Light

It can be frustrating to be stuck in the dark, always subject to completely artificial light while at work – so natural light is imperative for achieving an improvement in productivity. Implementing glass throughout your office space can allow for the better refraction of light, which makes a space feel more open and airy. Sandblasted glass is also an option for creating an eir of privacy, so there is always flexibility for light improvements.


Modern, ergonomic and well-designed furniture can be more aesthetically appealing but also appeal to one’s physical health. Investing in quality furniture and equipment can make an employee feel more valued by their employer.

Similarly, offering areas for relaxation allow employees the opportunity to vary their working day. Sofas, coffee machines and games tables – which are common in startups and technology companies – could be used to allow employees to enjoy themselves at work and relax during their downtime.

Flexibility is the key to utilising modern office interior design to improve the productivity of your employees. It is paramount to cater to the needs of all employees, so the best method of approach is to ask. Ask your employees what they would like and take into consideration all suggestions, accommodating for the maximum feasible.

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