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How To Design Your Best Office Reception Yet

How Can You Design Your Best Office Reception Yet?

First impressions of your business matter. When visitors, staff or customers come into your office building it is important that your office reception gives off a good first impression. You want visitors to feel welcome in your work environment, as well as showcase who you are (and what you do) as a company. A modern and exciting office reception is also your chance to provide an edge, or advantage over your competitors too.

Thinking of getting a commercial refurbishment? Start with creating your best office reception yet

When entering a new office building as a visitor, one of the first things we come into contact with and see is a business’ office reception. We’ve all walked into a company building where there is little furniture, perhaps with stains, and looking worse for wear, or gathering dust. ‘Nobody has dared to sit down on these seats for a long while’, you think. You immediately wonder to yourself: if they don’t update their office space, how well are they doing updating and progressing their business? Fear runs through your veins, is this really a company you want to purchase from or be associated with?

Then on the opposite end of this spectrum, we have all had experiences of entering an office reception that completely blows us away. It’s modern, it smells lovely, and it instantly puts us at ease. Our immediate impression is that this is a company who cares; naturally, we begin to think  positively of them as a business. Now, if you had the choice, which office reception would you rather visit? The latter, right? I know I certainly would prefer to visit that option.

If you are thinking about getting an office or commercial refurbishment, start with the front facing side of your business: your office reception area. We believe refurbishing your office reception can refresh and transform your business’ appearance. 


Here are our top tips for designing your best office reception yet:


Stay on brand

Office receptions are a greeting; a bit like handshakes, they can say a lot about who you are and what you do. An office reception can set the tone. You can strongly communicate your brand, and underline what people can expect from you right from the moment they step through the door. When planning a commercial refurbishment for your reception, you can go wild with your brand colours and identity, perhaps upgrade your flooring, furniture and lighting. 


Keep out the cold

The last thing anyone wants is a strong blast of cold air every time the reception door opens. It is not very inviting to potential visitors sitting or employees working in or near the reception area. Ditch the electric heater and try to install a door heater instead; it is placed above the entrance and creates an air barrier for a warm welcome. It also helps with you heat conservation!


Eliminate clutter

If a room is overloaded with unnecessary clutter it can create a feeling of uncomfort, be bothersome and overwhelming. For your new office reception, try to minimise and eliminate the clutter; this will create a calm atmosphere and be far more welcoming to visitors.


Minimise noise

Depending on the layout of your office building, it may be possible to hear the ringing of phones, general chit chat and doors opening and closing. This can make your office reception a pretty noisy space. When undergoing a commercial refurbishment, try to minimise the noise with this design trick: add textured fabrics to your walls. This helps absorb unwanted sounds. Your commercial decorator can also provide more design tricks to help reduce noise.


Ensure office design coherency

While it is important to have an innovative and inviting office reception area, it is also essential that your office flows. From front to middle to back you want an office building that encourages a positive work environment for your employees and visitors alike. There is nothing worse than being blown away by a beautiful reception, turning round the corner and being sorely disappointed by the other office rooms and spaces. If designs aren’t coherent it could show that your employees and visitors are not valued – create spaces they’ll love, not wish they could escape from. 


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