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How to Efficiently Plan your Office Relocation

The stress of relocation of an entire office, or multiple offices, can be reduced drastically by partaking in proper planning. There are a few simple steps you can take that will ensure you are prepared for your office relocation.


Outsourcing your office relocation can remove a lot of the stress involved with such a process. Wessex Interiors offer services including prepping your new office space so that it is ready for both local and more long distance moves. We offer people with the expertise to move your office in a safe, controlled and efficient manner. Having the heavy lifting handled by trained people, greatly reduces the risk of equipment being damaged whilst simultaneously removing a task from your to do list.

Key Dates

By taking note of key dates and making a timeline, as tasks are completed it will be easy for you to keep track of each step of your office relocation.
1)When do your leases start/end?
2)Are there any repairs in your old office that need to be completed by a certain date?
3)What date do your utilities in your new office need to be set up for?


Office relocation can often have costs that most don’t think of when initially planning their moves. Cost that need to be considered consist of:
1)Does your office have specialised equipment that may need extra measures taken to ensure it is transported safely?
2)Perhaps there are repairs that need to be made to your old office.
3)There may be modifications you wish to make to your new office.

Assess Use of New Space

Organising the use of your office space before you relocate will make your move more seamless as you will have already decided where everything will be placed to utilise your new office space more efficiently. This means that moving in your equipment at the new site will flow more smoothly.


You will need to plan when to start telling customers and vendors when your new offices will open so that you can direct traffic to your new premises once your office relocation is complete.

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