This photo displays work productivity with a laptop, sheets of paper and a mug of coffee on an oak table

How Your Work Space Affects Your Work Productivity

How Your Work Space Affects Your Work Productivity

The science and multiple studies behind working in an office or enclosed environment show that the look and feel of the space has a huge impact on your mood, outlook and work productivity. If you are currently in a business who would like to improve as a company and get ahead of the game, it may be worth assessing your work environment. Follow Wessex Interior’s top tips to see how changing your office aesthetic could help improve your employee’s work performance.

Your work environment is often overlooked, however, the space you are working in really does matter. Over the past few years, contemporary workspaces have become increasingly popular with refurbishment contractors. Companies seem to be moving away from the traditional “office” workspace which has shown positive effects by adding breakout areas, adjustable workstations and lots of natural light. We often like to think of an office as a mirror of your company’s culture.

Colour Therapy

Did you know that the colour of the walls around you has an effect on your mood and productivity? Studies have shown the following colours have displayed different emotions. For example, the colour green is supposed to help you feel energised and focused; blue is meant to be calming and relaxing; red is said to boost energy and increase heart rate.

A work environment that has a variety of colour should improve focus and help brighten your mood and also boost your work productivity. Whether you desire a calming and soothing colour, or a bright and energetic ambience, choosing the right hue for your work environment is crucial to help develop the morale and productivity for your employees.

Natural Light

Is there anything worse than working in a small, dark and dingy room? Office lights beaming down on you like hot strobes can affect your mood negatively if you’re not getting enough natural light. Spending eight or so hours a day in artificial light has been linked to irregular sleeping patterns, depression and feeling unmotivated and sluggish throughout the day. If you would like to change this about your workspace, creating an open plan space and allowing as much natural light as possible will help improve workers motivation throughout the day and keep them feeling alert and sharp.

Fresh Air

In any situation, you wouldn’t want to feel smothered in a hot and stuffy space. Fresh air and the amount of airflow in a confined workspace is important for increasing positive energy and work productivity. Work ethic can be enriched by opening windows and doors and obtaining plants to spread around the room. Investment into installing air filters in the office would be a great way of circulating fresh air too.


Your work environment is where to spend the majority of your time and it is important to feel comfortable and happy with your surroundings in order to strengthen your motivation and work productivity. If you’re interested in refurbishing your workspace, please give Wessex Interiors Limited a call today on 02380 663 100 or fill out an enquiry form and we will be back in touch.