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Main Reasons for Moving a Factory

It doesn’t matter whether it’s moving the entire contents of your house, business or factory, the process is overwhelmingly large and stressful. But, with the help of an external professional like Wessex Interiors, you can reduce this.

When moving a factory to a new location there are lots of different aspects to think about: equipment, machinery and any facilities present. Therefore, it requires meticulous planning, preparation and execution.

So, why relocate an entire factory? What are the top reasons for moving a factory? These are great questions, and perhaps you’re about to plan a factory move or are about to undertake the challenge, or you’re just curious. In our latest blog, we’d like to take a shot at answering these big questions. We’ve previously discussed how to plan a successful factory relocation, but here we’ll explore why many organisations, companies and businesses decide to relocate their factory or industrial plant.


Why move your factory or industrial plant?

  • Achieving growth and seeking expansion

The primary goal of any business is to achieve growth when you have achieved growth, you want to expand your business to accommodate this. Sometimes this requires the physical expansion of facilities, which includes relocating a small factory to a bigger location or building an additional factory facility or industrial plant.

A lack of space is often a key reason for expansion and deciding to move a factory.


  • Supply chain

Factories depend on an effective and efficient supply chain. It helps increase supply chain surplus and leads to an eventual profit from the factory. When all parties involved in the supply chain are operating smoothly: supplier, consumer and fulfilling a specific need, then to become more profitable a factory may need to be moved.

  • Rent, labour or transportation costs

Costs such as rent, transportation or labour are common expenditures incurred by a factory. Sometimes these costs can add up and it makes more sense to move a factory to incur lower costs in these areas.

  • New business opportunities

One reason for moving a factory is shifting into new marketplaces or striving for different business opportunities. Alternatively, this could be a strategic move to relocate closer to other opportunities and business avenues.

  • Utility costs

Another reason why a factory may relocate is due to utility costs. Utility costs can vary from place to place, therefore, if you have a large factory one of the ways you could reduce these costs is through changing location.


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