Office Breakout Space

Making the Most of Your Office Breakout Space

Making The Most of Your Office Breakout Space

Breakout spaces within the workplace are important and beneficial to your employees. Spending your day in one room for eight or more hours a day can be tiring and boring when you are limited to space, so it’s important to take the health and well-being of your staff into consideration when planning out a refurbishment. Wessex Interiors have looked into the benefits of how breakout spaces within the workplace are crucial and provide positive effects to your workers.

Breakout Space Importance

The office is where you spend most of your time, so it’s important that you are in an environment that is versatile and gives you some space to relax and as well as work. Offices that have a cramped layout make it difficult for you to find motivation and switch off from work when you need to. Offering a space for your workers to take a break and socialise with employees can be beneficial to their productivity, improve workload and boost morale throughout the office. Social spaces like this can include kitchens, sofa areas, informal meeting rooms and reception areas. Breakout spaces within workplaces have become an expected feature, particularly in larger and more corporate companies.

Breakout Space Benefits

Studies and research in recent years have provided us with evidence that taking breaks away from your desk can benefit workers in a positive way by helping to boost productivity throughout the day. Afternoons can often be sluggish, so it’s important you have an area where you can take some time out to feel fresh to go back to work for the rest of the day.

What Makes a Successful Breakout Space

The best breakout spaces must be flexible and multi-purposeful for your staff. A social space where you can eat and drink, give presentations and have meetings. A light, welcoming social area within the workplace will encourage workers to spend more time together, whether that’s in meetings or spending their break together and should improve overall morale within the work environment.

How Wessex Interiors Can Help

Throughout the past few years, we have noticed office social breakout spaces becoming more popular and an office requirement. Here at Wessex Interiors, we can help you design and create the perfect breakout space for your office, with the help of our friendly team of professionals.


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