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Managing Your Office Refurbishment With a Project Manager

The first thing you need to do is decide how hands-on you want to be. Are you happy to fully project manage the build, or would you rather bring in a building company and other contractors to carry this out on your behalf?

Where possible, and if you are happy to hand over the reins, it is best to have one building company that oversees the entire job. 


How to manage your renovation

  1. Take time to research your project
  2. Collect estimates and quotes and compare the differences
  3. Draw up a schedule of work
  4. Have a plan for dealing with rubbish
  5. Keep invoices, receipts and plans safe and organised
  6. Organise material deliveries
  7. Always think ahead and forward plan


What are the benefits of using a Project Manager?


  • Saves times so you can focus on business goals

A project manager assumes ownership of the project from start to finish. This means they help organise and lead the team that will carry out the work on the project. Alongside this, project managers also help determine what will work best in your space, help with scheduling, selecting contractors and other aspects during the construction phase. As a project manager handles the day-to-day work this frees up your time, meaning that you can focus on your business.


  • Keeps your project on time and in budget

Project management is all about delivering projects on time and to a set budget without compromising the quality of work. Qualified and highly skilled and experienced project managers will save you money and deliver according to plan.


  • Help mitigate any issues that arise

The role of a project manager means that they should have a solution ready for any issue that may arise during the project. Before starting, effective project managers should expedite the project so that they already have anticipated issues and have an understanding of ways in which they can get a project back on track so it doesn’t compromise on the quality.


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