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Office Relocation vs. Office Refurbishment

If you’re considering making a change to your businesses’ premises, there are two main options that you have: office relocation and office refurbishment. Whichever one of these is more beneficial for your business is down to your situation, but half of the battle is figuring out just that.

Here at Wessex Interiors Limited, we have decades of experience in both sectors for businesses in and around Southampton. We use our industry expertise to help you decide with our latest blog post below.

Company Ethos

A company ethos is something that should reverberate throughout a company, encompassing all aspects of a business. This means that your website, your office space, your branding, your culture, and everything in-between and beyond should reflect and inform one another as far as possible.

If the design of your office, then, doesn’t reflect the brand image you project throughout all other aspects, this can be detrimental to business. Whether that is unhappy or unclear staff or unimpressed clients, having an office space that isn’t indicative of what you do or what you’re about is not ideal.

Should your space allow it, and you’re in the predicament of a breakdown between company ethos and interior design, consider office refurbishment to inject a new, more consistent, ‘lease of life’ into your space. This will impress clients and improve employee morale.


Naturally, money comes into this a lot. Take into consideration all aspects of your financial situation before deciding on an office refurbishment or office relocation.

These calculations and considerations should include the amount of space you have, and whether it makes more financial sense to downsize or sub-let when you have too much. It should weigh up your chances of renegotiating your lease agreement to save money on your existing space, and it should consider whether you even have the capital to facilitate a refurbishment or relocation.

In terms of money, it plays very much case-by-case as to what is better for you.


A conversation to be had that will directly correlate to money is space. How much of it do you have – too much, or too little? If it’s the latter, a relocation is the best option (financially providing), but if it’s too much you can consider growth and whether making better use of the space you have is possible through refurbishment.


We’ve touched on this slightly, but finally, consider your employees. Employees are what make a business tick, so keeping them happy and engaged and invested is imperative. A change in scenery, whether that is through relocation or refurbishment, can often help improve morale and even productivity.

Incorporating better practices into your office space through improved design by refurbishing, or improving the location by relocating, are all feasible. Consider what’s best for your employees, with the means of your business, and you should reap the rewards.


Naturally, it’s very difficult to break down a very serious decision into a few paragraphs, so there are plenty more considerations for your to account for. Factors such as the costs of office refurbishment vs. the costs of office relocation, the capability of your current space, the location of your offices or those available and nearby. Also look into the future to ponder what is going to fit best with your plans for the business and use all of these questions to inform a considered decision.

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