An image showing an office with suspended ceilings

The Benefits of Installing Suspended Ceilings

In recent years, suspended ceilings have become more and more popular due to the ever growing list of benefits they bring to a business. Many of us never consider utilising the space above our heads and reap the potential benefits available. The majority of people tend to leave the ceiling as it is and simply paint over it. Understandably, dropping a ceiling does require some labour but the benefits you gain from it really make it worthwhile.

We’ve outlined just a few of the reasons why installing suspended ceilings for your Southampton business is worth it.

Easy to Install

Dropping the ceiling really is a simple job and can easily be done with household tools. However, we always advise you to consult a licensed contractor for the job as there are a number of safety implications. The safety of your business and colleagues takes priority.


In comparison to normal drywall ceilings, the acoustic qualities are much higher, making it much quieter. This is great for telesales offices and warehouses where noise levels are high.


With many ceilings, there are a number of pipes and cables all on show which can make the room look untidy and unsafe. With a suspended ceiling, all of these can be hidden, making the room look a lot neater and tidier.

Energy Efficient

The additional insulation created is due to the extra layer added to the ceiling, making the room much warmer so you don’t have to spend more money on heating.


Due to the design of a suspended ceiling and the panelling structure, you can customise your ceiling in any style you want. Ceiling tiles come in an array of different colours and designs to suit your taste.

If you’re looking to install suspended ceilings in your Southampton-based business then call Wessex Interiors today on 02380 663 100 or fill out our contact form and our experienced and friendly staff will be happy to give you a quote.