An image showing an office with office partitions which help to create an interesting design and dynamic to the environment

The Benefits of Using Office Partitions

Many offices are now choosing office partitions for their workplace instead of solid walls, as they create a stronger sense of space and light, making the office appear open plan. Whether you’re looking for ceiling-to-floor glass office partitions or opaque glass desk partitioning, we can provide a range of different styles to suit your office needs. Head to our partitioning page to see our full range of services.

Here are just a few of the benefits of office partitioning for your Portsmouth business:


Using glass partitioning is a great way to encourage natural light throughout your offices, reducing the number of dark patches and promoting space within your building. Improving the flow of natural light will not only brighten your office but will encourage a mutual feeling of openness, promoting well-being within the business, as you are actively creating an open plan for all colleagues.


Many workers may feel that meeting rooms with permanent walls are seclusive and isolating. However, using glass office partitions for your Portsmouth business is a great way of breaking down those walls, creating a sense of acceptance and mutual understanding, all while creating the private meeting room you want.


Glass partitions not only reduce the amount of harsh fluorescent lighting throughout the office which many people find annoying, but it also creates a greater sense of awareness and space. It makes a great first impression on visitors and clients to see a forward thinking office using glass partitions rather than walls.

Practical and Cost Effective

Using office partitions is a great way of allowing you to rearrange your office in the future as you’re not burdened with set spaces that solid walls provide. Not only that, using glass partitions promotes natural light meaning you can cut down on artificial lighting.

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