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The Uses of a Warehouse Mezzanine Floor

Warehouse mezzanine floors are an, almost, infinitely applicable installation that is capable of benefiting a range of businesses. But, do you know just how many different uses there are for these systems? Luckily, at Wessex Interiors we are experts in the installation of mezzanine floors, so we decided to run you through some of the most common examples in our latest blog.


Potentially the most common use for a warehouse mezzanine floor is for the additional storage this increased square footage can offer. Many warehouses are vast spaces, with a large footprint and high ceilings that are not always utilised to their full potential. However, by implementing a mezzanine floor, this vertical space can be made the most of with an second level.

Naturally, there are a range of different companies that this extra storage space can benefit. For example, as a distribution company, there can be a greatly increased area for products and this can even contribute to the efficient organisation of stock. With the bespoke nature of these floor systems, the options are endless with there – theoretically – being the scope to effectively double the floor space of your warehouse.

Additional Workspace

Along with being the perfect vessel for additional storage, a warehouse mezzanine floor is the perfect platform for adding versatility to your workspace. By creating extra floor space in your property, you can materialise a variety of different workstations that best suit your business.

Some of the most effective workspaces that we have seen have been businesses utilising their mezzanine level as an office. This could be in addition to an existing, offsite, office or to create a fully-enclosed company with more synergy in the workforce. Having an office space within a warehouse can truly benefit company communications and allow for a constant, corporate presence in the industrial space, which can operations.

Alternatively, you could use a mezzanine level as a method of organisation for the different aspects of your production. This could be beneficial for separating the different processes, by placing the production line on the ground level and the stock/parts on the mezzanine, for example.

Keeping Current Property

As businesses expand, the need for extra space can often become an issue. In most cases, company owners will look to relocating their entire operation to another premises, without considering how they can make the most of their current space. A mezzanine floor, however, can vastly increase the area of an existing site, with drastically reduced hassle and costs in comparison to purchasing or leasing a new building.

Why Choose a Warehouse Mezzanine Floor?

Warehouse mezzanine floors are ideal for a whole host of uses for a range of different businesses, with their potential uses not simply limited to the three we mentioned in this blog post. The bespoke nature of these installations allows them to be utilised in whichever way benefits your business most, which is why we would need a much longer blog post to detail them all.

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