An image showing an office with a mezzanine level

Why Your Office Needs a Mezzanine Level

Why Your Office Needs a Mezzanine Level

With business growth comes the issue of business space, and many don’t consider the benefits of a mezzanine level. Making room for a rapidly growing business is often the case for many. The first thought is to relocate to somewhere larger, but relocating will often cost more, plus you have the stress of organising the move and all your staff with it – forcing your employees to a new location. If your warehouse or office building has the height for a mezzanine level then the benefits of this outweigh relocating.

Increase Space and Introduce Levels

Within the boundaries of an office, expanding outwards isn’t an option so expanding upwards is a great way of adding space to your business. Whether you’re a retail business, a warehouse or an office, a mezzanine level can introduce a whole new way of working. More floors can be introduced to increase retail space, display space, or for warehouse businesses, more storage options and production lines. If you’re simply looking to add extra office rooms then mezzanine floors can often be demounted and re-installed if relocation is necessary.


Many businesses are often bound to budgets and allowances for office refurbishments and expansion. Developing your business with split levels is a cost-effective way of making space without the high price tag of buying a new office or building. Mezzanine installation is often a one-off cost with no further monthly repayments.

Quick and Easy Installation

Installation of a mezzanine floor is a quick and simple construction with many of them being completed within a week. As mezzanine floors don’t require planning permission, production is fast and fits seamlessly into your current interior with minimal disturbance. Many of these installations can be deconstructed and remounted if relocation is necessary.

If you’re looking to expand with a reliable, bespoke mezzanine level into your building then Wessex Interiors can give you the space you need. For further details on our mezzanine floor installations then call our knowledgeable team on 02380 663 100 or fill in our contact form to see how we can transform your business space.