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Benefits of an Office Refurbishment

What Are the Benefits of an Office Refurbishment?


If you’re busy, then thinking about decorating your office environment is probably not at the top of your list of things to do. But, it should be. Particularly if you’ve noticed scuffs on the wall, general wear and tear in the building, or perhaps a lull in staff productivity or morale. If this is the case, then it might be time to invest in some commercial decorating or an office refurbishment.


In this blog, Wessex Interiors explore the main advantages of getting an office refurbishment and the positive effects it has on staff, visitors and to your business.


Increases Productivity

One of the biggest advantages of commercial decorating and office refurbishment is the significant increase it has to staff productivity. The majority of us spend our lives, or a large portion of our lives at least, sitting at a desk in a workplace. With this in mind, it drastically helps when we’re surrounded by an inspiring workplace. Often, a lack of productivity in staff is due to the appearance of their workplace. One of the first steps to think about when undergoing an office refurbishment is the colour scheme. You can play around with natural lighting and adding bright colours. These are both shown to have a positive impact on staff morale.



Every business typically has, or generates, stuff. Therefore, when designing or undergoing an office refurbishment, making sure there are spaces and areas to store things is a key requirement. Additionally, this is also true as businesses expand and there is a requirement for more space. You can talk to your commercial decorators and see how best to optimise and make the most of your office space.


Encourages Creativity

Undergoing an office refurbishment or carrying out commercial decorating can inspire, and lead to the introduction and incorporation of new social zones, creative spaces, breakout areas and meeting rooms. All of which help to encourage new ideas and boost employee interaction. These are crucial for company performance and innovation.


Attracts New Members of Staff

Interviews are a two-way process. As much as you are interviewing the prospective employee to see if they’re the right fit for the role, they are also seeing whether your office is an ideal fit for them too. One crucial aspect prospect employee’s base their decision on, when accepting a job offer, is the physical appearance of the workplace. If your office is clean, well organised and aesthetically pleasing, they are more likely to want to work with you.


First Impressions Matter

Whether we like it or not, when it comes to workplace first impressions, they matter. This is particularly true if you regularly have people visiting your office as it will be judged on its appearance. The office interior and exterior informs their first impression of your business, and the level of professionalism in the services you provide. If your office looks messy or tired, and in need of some TLC, potential customers may assume this is a reflection of your business and the services you deliver. Therefore, it is vital that your office and workplace conveys the right first impression to visitors and all potential clients.


Company Image

What aesthetic impact do you want to have on staff, clients, or visitors when they walk into your workplace? How do you want to make them feel? What do you want to draw attention to?

If you create a space which is bright and clean looking, it will have a positive effect on your visitors and staff. This is where selecting the most appropriate branding and colour scheme is integral. Research shows that colours can affect someone’s mood, health, wellbeing and happiness. Therefore, it’s important to make sure you choose colours which match what you want people to feel as they step through your doors. For example, if you select the colour green it creates feelings of comfort, relaxation, calmness and lessens stress. Alongside colour scheme, it is also important to keep office areas tidy; it gives the feeling of having more space and conveys organisation and professionalism.


Uses Space Efficiently

It’s worth thinking about how your workplace uses space, and taking the time to assess your current layout. Does the current furniture use the office space efficiently, or could it be arranged differently and better? Rather than looking at one area at a time, take an aerial approach and assess the use of your entire office space. This gives you an overall idea of how space is being used. If things are cramped, or utilised ineffectively it may require a little more thought.

Although the aesthetic of your space is important, at this stage it is also key to make sure you meet staff requirements. For example, are there spaces for staff to carry out quieter tasks? Are there enough spaces for staff to interact with other staff members to facilitate efficient and effective team working?



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