coffee on table office breakout space

Purpose of an Office Breakout Area

We’ve previously spoken about the importance and benefits of having an office breakout space, as well as detailing how you can make the most of that area. This time, we’d like to explore the reasons why many companies decide to have an office breakout area in their building.

Yes, it’s important to work at work. But, it’s also important to have designated relaxation areas, or spaces for collaborative work and informal meetings – including a breakout space, as part of your office refurbishment project, can provide all of this.


What is an office breakout area?

An office breakout area is a designated space in your company building that typically doesn’t include desks. Often this area can be used by anyone that works for your company and not assigned to a single team or department. It is sometimes used as a creative hub that is separate from usual working areas. 

Breakout spaces can have a wide variety of functions from informal meetings to employee relaxation and a place they can lunch in. 

Every office is different. There isn’t a one size fits all solution or option for office breakout spaces, which is a good thing. The only thing you need to think about when considering one is: what do you want to achieve from this area? How will it help your employees and benefit your company? The main thing is assessing how it can fit into and improve your company culture, the working environment and inspire productivity.

When designing a breakout space, you need to consider whether you’d like people to spend long or short stays in the area. Alongside whether or not there will be any technology in the space, or charging ports for devices.


What is the purpose of creating a breakout space in your office?

  • Informal meeting or work area (e.g. a hot desk system)
  • Collaborative work and brainstorming sessions
  • Space for quiet working and/ off-screen reading
  • Area for lunch, relaxation, meditation, and contemplation
  • Opportunity for anyone to take a break, have a cuppa and a chat



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