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A Guide to Mezzanine Floors

What Exactly Is a Mezzanine Floor?

A mezzanine floor is a level, or sub-floor, is a free standing structure that sits between the main floors of a property and as such is not included in the total number of floors. A mezzanine is often low-ceilinged and projects like a balcony and therefore does not cover or extend over the entire floor situated below.

What Can a Mezzanine Floor Be Used For?

Buildings with high ceilings fall into the trap of not utilising the vertical space within the building. With the addition of a mezzanine floor, the usual surface area of a property is increased.

It is not unusual to see a commercial space or office building using a mezzanine as extra office space. This helps to avoid a cramped and unpleasant working environment by increasing usable space whilst also still allowing the flow of light and air.

A mezzanine floor is also commonly used for storage. It can have a range of different storage options either fitted into it or free standing. By elevating items that need to be kept in storage onto a mezzanine level, any space previously used for this purpose once again becomes free, usable space that can be employed for another purpose.

In a warehouse or manufacturing setting, office mezzanines can be created, with composite or steel barriers with glazing to provide the ideal work atmosphere. Self-contained offices can include all welfare facilities, such as canteens and restrooms.

Mezzanines are commonly utilised in retail to improve selling area and/or back-of-store storage. It is a time and cost efficient method to increase space. It is important to note that when used in retail mezzanine floors must reach more stringent safety regulations.

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